Wellness room SESAME

The plant

Sesame is an oleaginous plant rich in lipids and essential fatty acids and its oil is the basis of Ayurvedic care.

Its high content of vitamins, proteins and antioxidants makes it an ideal dietary supplement facilitating digestion and intervening in the lowering of cholesterol levels.

The room

This place is dedicated to the well-being and the regeneration of the body; you have the opportunity to benefit from Indian massages of the Ayurvedic tradition. In Sanskrit, “Ayur” means life, and “Veda” is science or knowledge. “Ayurveda” can literally be translated as “Knowledge of life or longevity“.  Ayurveda is the therapeutic branch of Yoga. This Ayurvedic massage and the oils used allow the body to mobilize its own power of healing and purification. The work is done both physically and energetically which gives a feeling of both relaxation, well-being and energy boost. The treatment can be followed by a session of sweating and accompanied by herbal teas with purifying plants (supplement to provide).

Warm welness…

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